DS Laboratories Dandrene

Dandrene is the next-generation antifungal shampoo. This shampoo is for anyone that wants an ultra-premium formula that is a potent mix of modern science and botanical extracts that targets dandruff, itchy and oily scalps.


Radia Clarifying Shampoo

From the first application, Radia Clarifying and Softening Shampoo removes chemical buildup and detoxifies hair while it softens hair strands. This revitalizing technology is made possible by pioneering research into the science of wetting fibers.


Revita and Revita COR

Bioengineer Your Best Hair: Stimulates speed of growth, volumizes from the inside out, anti aging properties, maximizes potential hair count, maintains healthy hair cycles, reverses scalp issues, color safe-paraben and sulphate and sodium chloride free, maintains proper hydration.

  • "The Revita was recommended by my daughter who is a stylist for my Mom. She had been critically ill for 6 months and her hair was falling out, very thin and very coarse. After the first time she used it, she noticed how soft her hair was. Now after about a month of use, she has noticed her hair is not falling out and it appears thicker. I will definitely recommend this product to my family and friends! "
  • "I just started using the Hair Stimulating Shampoo and I am already loving the results. I could not wait to start using it. After the very first shampoo my hair which is normally very dry and limp had body and incredible natural shine! I have been using it for less than a month now and I noticed less and less hair falling out in the shower and after I brush. My hair's overall strength is improving. "
  • "Before using Revita I suffered from serious hair loss and I didn't know what to do. So one day I went on the Internet to look for a hair grow product and I came upon Revita . So I ordered it. The very first week I used Revita it did wonders for me. With in 2 weeks I start to regain almost if not all of my hair back. Revita is a amazing product I am glad I used it. "